Individuals / Families

Financial Planning:

The key to personal financial success is having a written financial plan. We listen to our clients and work with them to identify and understand their unique financial goals. This process enables us to design, then implement a plan to achieve those goals in a tax-efficient manner.

Whether you need a hand with protecting your family’s lifestyle, saving for your child’s education, designing a retirement income stream, or maximizing your legacy, our financial planning process will ensure you have a clear picture of the road ahead.

Investment Planning:

For many Canadians, investing can be an intimidating topic. Concerns about the economy, market timing and taxation can lead to regrets or missed opportunities. At Cascade, our investment philosophy is designed to alleviate these concerns, using a common-sense approach.

We custom fit our investment recommendations for each client based on their appetite for risk, personal goals and financial situation. We monitor these plans on a regular basis, rebalancing and reallocating when opportunities arise.

Insurance Planning:

Insurance is an effective tool for protecting you and your family from financial hardship. Personal insurance comes in many forms and can suit a variety of purposes:

Term Life Insurance – protects your family should you pass away prematurely. Can be used to replace income, eliminate a mortgage or debt, or even fund your children’s education.

Permanent Life Insurance – provides for your family or favourite charity when you pass away and can include tax-advantaged investment components. Permanent life insurance is often used to cover estate taxes and final expenses, enhance your legacy, or protect your pension.

Disability Insurance – replaces part of your income if you’re unable to work due to sickness or injury. Your bills don’t stop if you can’t work, which makes it imperative to understand any disability coverage you currently have and identify any gaps in that coverage.

Critical Illness Insurance – protects your financial plans against the life-changing impact of a life-threatening illness. Critical illness insurance injects a lump sum of money, at a time that families need it most, to be used as the family sees fit.